China OEM SPA Spb Spc Spz Bando Industrial Rubber V Belt Spc2450 Spc5300 Engineering

Product Description

Item Description:

The top and the bottom are encased by the weapper, The two sides are rubber . V belt of tooth shape groove is developed for the bottom to enhance the tlexral property.

  • Large intensity,large adaptability,very good longevity
  • Special Base rubber utilised,small elongation and long services life
  • Excellent warmth-resistance,oil-proof,and wearing resistance
  • High transmission performance
  • Suitable for band pulley with small diameter
  • Protected functionality can be confirmed even in the course of substantial-pace operation

No. Title Purpose Substance
1 Best Cloth Shield the lining tensile member Polyester Cotton Canvas
two Core Wire Nuclear material to pass the dynamic drive Polyester
3 Base Rubber Aspect compression resistant and part CR,EPDM
4 Base Fabric Absorb the influence and stop crack of the main rubber Elastic Cloth

Part Dimension of lndustrial Uncooked Edge V Belts

Type Top width (mm) Belt Thickness (mm) Angle(°)
HM 10.five 8. 38
AX 13 eight. 38
BX seventeen eleven 38
CX 22 14 38
DX 32 19 38
EX 38 23 38


Segment Dimensions of Raw Edge Slender Belts

Variety Top width Belt Thickness Angle
XPZ 9.7 eight. forty
XPA 10 forty
XPB sixteen.3 13 forty
XPC 22 eighteen forty
9NX 9.5 8 40
15NX 16 13.5 40
25NX twenty five.four 23 40


Part Size of Uncooked Edge V Belts for Car

Sort Leading width Wrapped V belt Uncooked edge V belt REF REC Angle
AV-10/9.five ten. eight. 7.five 7.five eight. forty
AV-13/twelve.five 13. 10. 8.5 eight.5 9. forty
AV-15 fifteen. 9. forty
AV-17 sixteen.5 ten.5 9.five nine.five eleven. forty
AV-22 22. fourteen. thirteen. forty


Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates in accordance to the movement of the pulley or belt. This is typically utilised in blocking and tackle systems, which I will explain later on.

China OEM SPA Spb Spc Spz Bando Industrial Rubber V Belt Spc2450 Spc5300     Engineering