China OEM Un3000-SPA New High Medical Ultrasonic Blender Engineering

Merchandise Description

UN3000-SPA Automated Hfnc Air-Oxygen Blender



Manufacturing unit demonstrate

FiO2 Verify

A experienced oxygen analyzer is advised for monitoring fuel output and inspecting the FiO2


one) Link the air and oxygen gases to the inlets of the blender.

2) Link the oxygen analyzer to the blender.

three) Adjust the stream rate to 5 L/min. 

Change FiO2 of blender to 21%, 30%, forty%, 50%, sixty%, 70%, 80%, 90%,and observe the FiO2

looking through on oxygen analyzer.

5) When it is found that the benefit proven on the oxygen analyzer is significantly distinct from the

indicated value of FiO2 adjustment knob (> ±5%), the blender requirements to be calibrated.





Oxygen substantial pressure tube

2 m (6.5 ft), male/feminine, blue

Air higher pressure tube

two m (6.5 ft), female/woman, black

Central air/oxygen connectors

Chinese standard

Mounting bracket


A output connector II

For connecting the blender to the silicone tube.

A output connector III

For connecting the blender to the disposable &

reusable respiratory circuits.


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China OEM Un3000-SPA New High Medical Ultrasonic Blender     Engineering