China sales Spb Cast Iron Stock Bore V-Pulleys high quality

Product Description

Black oxide coating v belt pulley is manufactured of higher top quality solid iron&lparGG 25&rpar&comma manufatured below worldwide common&time period

We have various measurements to match all types of equipment&interval

SPZ&comma SPA&comma SPB&comma SPC sorts are produced according to the European common&interval

3V&comma 5V&comma 8V types are created according to the American standard&interval
Common Cast Iron Sheaves Introduction&colon
&Material&colonDIN GG20&commaGG25&commaFor every single batch of casting&commainspection certification such as chemcial composition&comma tensile toughness&comma hardness and so forth will be examined & issued&interval
&Machining&colonPrecesion machining for pulley with stock bore&comma taper bore&period
&Balanced&colonSpoked Sheaves Statically Balanced&commaStatic balance or dynamic equilibrium&colon for every as customer’s prerequisite&period
&End&colon Black oxide for steel pulleys&comma black phosphate for solid iron pulleys&interval
&Bundle&colonCartons with sealed plastic bag&period
V-belt Pulleys Manufactured to Orders’ Prints and&solor Samples
Manufactured-to-purchase V-belt Pulleys Introduction&colon
&Resources&colon Ductile Iron&comma Bar Steel&comma Sheet Steel&comma Zinc Alloy&comma Aluminium Alloy&period of time
&Generating&colonCasting&comma Forging&comma Injection&comma Stamping&comma Split & Spun&period
&Balanced&colonStatic stability or dynamic equilibrium&colon for every as customer’s prerequisite&interval
&Finish&colonNo surface treatment&commaoiled&period of time
&Package&colonCartons with sealed plastic bag


Energetic Pulley: The “input” pulley in a twin-pulley technique. The shaft of this pulley is driven by one thing like a motor, a crank, or probably another pulley in bigger systems. This pulley controls the movement of the belt.

China sales Spb Cast Iron Stock Bore V-Pulleys     high quality