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Product Description

Our Wrapped V-belt have competite price tag and CZPT quality
Principal conveyor belt goods:
one) Wrapped V-belt (K, M, A, B, C, D, E 3L, 4L, 5L, SA, SB, SC)
2) Slim V-belt (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC 3V, 5V, 8V)
3) Chopping edge V-belt (AX, BX, CX)
four) Reducing edge slim V-belt (XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC)
five) Timing belt
six) Duplex V-belt
seven) V-belt for agricultural machinery-dimensions
eight) V-belt for clothing washing equipment
nine) Automotive V-belt
ten) Other varieties offered upon request
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If you don’t inform us in advance, then we will create the belt as for every Li duration
one) With unique frames, our v-belts are resistant to heat, oil, tiredness, ageing and friction.
2) Features: Big power, large speeds, lengthy utilization life, little distortion, small measurements…
3) Apps: Electric motors, interior combustion engines, electricity transmission tools.
four) We can offer these merchandise in numerous measurements, and welcome buyer’s specifications.
Now we introduce belt as follows:
V-belt specialty with a core structure, rope main composition of the 2, respectively, by wrapping cloth, best rubber, 10sile human body and the finish of plastic is composed of 4 parts. The the rope core composition of the V-belt production practical, standard 10sile strength, minimal charges, good toughness extensively used particular with a core structure of the V-belt, substantial strength, suited for higher speed events.
V-belt classification
The ordinary with main V-belt
Most of the V-belt with the main of the ordinary with core wire rope main, a little component of the carcass band main. Both with core framework are the fiber twisting or planning, clip each and every fiber in the V-belt procedure with main steadily elongation at crack. For that reason, the use of regular V-belt line rope core and ply with core generation can only be utilised in lower-load transmission.
The unique with main V-belt
The special with main V-belt with core CZPT polyester metal brown silk the general reliable main rod with a main framework. As a complete because of polyester metal brown silk solid core the untwisted construction, excellent adhesion, flex resistance, large power, and do not operate prolonged, not only greatly increase the lifestyle of the rubber belts, but also the lifestyle of the belt human body well balanced, enterprises can main10ance-free, periodic alternative. On November 22 2571, the metal brown silk polyester skeleton substance by way of the identification of the Committee of Professionals: Brown silk with polyester metal structural skeleton as a transmission belt skeleton material with classic polyester wire, tough rope, aramid fiber rope substance belt daily life enhanced by 5-ten moments when compared to an worldwide sophisticated level. Particular with core belt ordinary belt high load hefty horsepower generate technique regularly changed much of the the entire world large business firms favor.

V-belt apps Features
one, straightforward composition, manufacture, set up less precision, effortless main10ance, V-belt for more substantial instances in the 2 axes of the central workplace

two, easy transmission, reduced noise, cushioning shock absorbing result

3, overload occurs, the push belt from slipping on the pulleys can be prevented hurt to the weak areas, from a safety function


Fixed pulleys are pulleys that maintain the drum at a single level. Whilst the drive required to carry or go an item is no various than lifting it with your arms, stationary pulleys enable you to alter the route of the essential force. For case in point, when hooked up to a bucket that draws water from a nicely, a stationary water puller allows you to pull the drinking water sideways, lifting the bucket in a much more practical way than pulling it vertically, 1 hand at a time. The bodyweight of the bucket is even now the identical, but it is simpler to raise.
In a compound pulley method, there is the two a movable pulley and a mounted pulley. This signifies that not only does the load “feel” lighter, but you can also change the path of the force. Although this kind of configuration can move hefty hundreds extremely very easily, it arrives at the value of demanding very a bit of movement to do the task.

China wholesaler Factory Price Wrapped V-Belt (a, b, c, d, e)     near me shop