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Merchandise Description

Our B Tyep Classical wrapped v belt have competite price and excellence quality
Major conveyor belt items:
one) Wrapped V-belt (K, M, A, B, C, D, E 3L, 4L, 5L, SA, SB, SC)
two) Slim V-belt (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC 3V, 5V, 8V)
3) Reducing edge V-belt (AX, BX, CX)
4) Slicing edge slim V-belt (XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC)
5) Timing belt
six) Duplex V-belt
seven) V-belt for agricultural machinery-dimensions
8) V-belt for outfits washing device
9) Automotive V-belt
ten) Other types available CZPT request
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If you don’t inform us in progress, then we will create the belt as for each Li size
one) With unique frames, our v-belts are resistant to warmth, oil, exhaustion, growing older and friction.
two) Attributes: Huge electricity, substantial speeds, extended use lives, little distortion, small sizes…
three) Apps: Electrical motors, inner combustion engines, electricity transmission gear.
4) We can offer these items in different sizes, and welcome buyer’s technical specs.
Now we introduce belt as follows:
V-belt specialty with a core framework, rope main construction of the two, respectively, by wrapping cloth, leading rubber, tensile body and the stop of plastic is composed of four elements. The the rope core structure of the V-belt production handy, standard tensile energy, reduced costs, very good toughness extensively employed specific with a core framework of the V-belt, substantial strength, appropriate for large pace instances.
V-belt classification
The normal with core V-belt
Most of the V-belt with the main of the common with main wire rope core, a tiny element of the carcass band core. Each with core composition are the fiber twisting or preparing, clip each and every fiber in the V-belt procedure with core progressively elongation at break. Therefore, the use of ordinary V-belt line rope core and ply with main creation can only be utilized in low-load transmission.
The unique with core V-belt
The specific with core V-belt with main polymer polyester steel brown silk the general solid core rod with a main structure. As a whole owing polyester metal brown silk sound main the untwisted composition, good adhesion, flex resistance, large strength, and do not operate extended, not only tremendously improve the daily life of the rubber belts, but also the daily life of the belt entire body balanced, enterprises can routine maintenance-free, periodic replacement. On NovCZPT 22 2571, the metal brown silk polyester skeleton material through the identification of the Committee of Professionals: Brown silk with polyester steel structural skeleton as a transmission belt skeleton material with traditional polyester twine, challenging rope, aramid fiber rope materials belt life increased by 5-ten moments in comparison to an intercontinental sophisticated degree. Specific with core belt common belt large load heavy horsepower push system usually changed considerably of the the planet heavy market companies favor.

V-belt programs Attributes
1, simple composition, manufacture, put in much less precision, effortless upkeep, V-belt for larger events in the two axes of the central place of work

two, easy transmission, lower sound, cushioning shock absorbing result

three, overload happens, the push belt from slipping on the pulleys can be prevented harm to the weak areas, from a stability role


We have a broad 1/2″ rope potential pulley for helpful redirection, gentle rigging, rescue, and mechanical advantage programs. We have far more pulleys in the following links many of them also make as very good as the types below Little pulley.

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