China Standard Pulley Wheels Forging Wheels with High Quality Standard

Product Description

MK CST Machinery Co. Is a professional manufacturer of 
aluminum casting, stampings ,machinery parts, forging etc.

  What we do?
        Exceptional Chinese Iron  casting parts suppliers.
        With much more than 20 years’ experience. Sophisticated products. Rigorous top quality inspection. We offer customers large-quality Iron casting  parts in different grades.

Item introduction:

We are expert producer for lots of pulleys, these kinds of as bush pulley, V belt pulley, timing belt pulley, 3V, 5V, BV pulley and so on.

Pilot bore, taper bore Pulleys(SPA, SPB, SPC AND SPZ), adjustable pulleys, multi wedge pulleys.
V-belt pulley for taper bush, with reliable hubs. Regular sheaves, taper bushes sheaves, AK, BK series sheaves. Variable pith sheaves, Europe kind sheaves. Taper bushings.

Content: 45C. GG25, GGG40, Aluminium, etc.

Surface treatment method: Black oxide, phosphate, painted or passavited.

With standardized desigh. Our pulleys have large

Precision and excellent interchangeability.

The pulley can be adjustable and interchange.

For numerous a long time, we are studying and enhancing continuously. Right after many years of improvement, we have audio and effective manufacturing lines right now, which can satisfy diverse clients’ demands. Meanwhile, we are also established in this business with the adhering to rewards:
one. Fabrication Gear:1 sand-casting strains 2.prceision casting  line.
two. Processing Products: 6 sets of CNC machining centre, and many others.
three. Area Therapy: grinding, polishing, plating, black coating, anodizing, etc.
4. Good quality Inspection: 3D gauge, and so on.
We can offer clients with Iron parts of all sorts of resources.
 Customized creation according to client needs is our gain

If you have any request, remember to never be reluctant get in touch with us.


Fastened pulleys are pulleys that maintain the drum at one position. Even though the power needed to lift or transfer an object is no different than lifting it with your palms, stationary pulleys allow you to modify the route of the needed drive. For example, when connected to a bucket that draws drinking water from a well, a stationary drinking water puller allows you to pull the water sideways, lifting the bucket in a a lot more hassle-free way than pulling it vertically, a single hand at a time. The weight of the bucket is nonetheless the very same, but it is easier to carry.

China Standard Pulley Wheels Forging Wheels with High Quality     Standard